Debt Slavery Coin

Debt bondage is defined as an individual’s pledge of their labor or services as security for the repayment of a debt.  If an individual was unable to repay a debt in their lifetime, said debt was passed down from father to son to grandson.  This inheritance would continue until the debt was finally extinguished.  The subjugation of generations of individuals “born into slavery” for the debts of their fathers is immoral of course; and as a practice, it has been universally outlawed in the western world. 

In the United States national debt soars from endless war, social programs and most importantly, from a central bank that loans currency at interest to an unsuspecting population.  Through the liability of a nation, the collective debt of millions is passed down as the responsibility of subsequent generations.  Individuals are born with an obligation which hangs over their heads like a yoke on a mule.  In this way, debt slavery continues today; and compound interest guarantees that it will never be paid down.  Debt slavery will continue in perpetuity unless a debt-free currency is made available.  Until then, put yourself on a personal silver standard. 


Crescent City Silver makes limited release, high relief 1oz. bullion coins.  Each round is both a provocative political statement and an original work of art.