About Us

Crescent City Silver makes limited release, high relief 1 oz. bullion coins.Each round is both a provocative political statement and an original work of art. 

Why silver?

Due to years of short-sighted currency printing, mounting national debt levels and a looming stock market correction, the dollar, sadly, is a dangerous place to store your hard earned value.  When you buy a CCS coin, you own a physical asset, like a home.  It’s value may go up or down, but you’ll always have something of value.  Unlike paper assets, which may be devalued or defaulted upon with the stroke of a pen.  Silver cannot be inflated by government policy and it is a hedge against a declining stock market.  Silver is one of the oldest and most proven stores of value on the planet and at its unusually low pricing, relative to gold, makes for a potential meteoric rise.  In short, freedom from tyranny

Why our silver?

Our high quality limited release bullion coins will increase in value, unlike secondhand ingots and other cheaply made rounds.  Our limited runs create value through scarcity.  The generics are mass produced and change hands often -- nobody is attached to them.  Nobody wants them.  The work we put in on the concept, design and finish of each coin is of boutique quality, and this effort pays off as collectibility in the market place.  Don’t buy silver eagles from the very government responsible for forcing you out of the dollar.  Buy a soon to be classic design while you still can.  Buy a round from Crescent City Silver today! 

For a more detailed investigation into silver’s investment potential, go here.

IRA Certified - All CCS coins are struck by Golden State Mint and are IRA certified.jpg