Wake Up! Coin

2015 Limited Release

Backlash against the US dollar is growing rapidly.  With a sharp increase in bi-lateral trading, the creation of the AIIB and its growing list of western clients, it’s just a matter of time before the US dollar becomes the doormat of world currencies.  

Quantitative easing may destroy what had been a ticking time bomb since 1971 -- when Nixon removed the dollar’s international gold backing.  But as is evidenced in our spiraling national debt, and our inability to raise interest rates, one cannot monetize their debt for long.  With no miracle in sight, more than likely a scapegoat will emerge.  Regardless, the end result for the dollar and its equity markets, will be catastrophic.       

The sheep on the Wake Up! coin represent those not yet awake.  This herd grazes on the once plentiful hills of the United States, feeding on its dollar bills.  They are woefully unaware of what lies just over the horizon.  Regardless, these sheep are intent on following anywhere they should be led, no matter the signs observed along the way. 

Crescent City Silver makes limited release, high relief 1oz. bullion coins.  Each round is both a provocative political statement and an original work of art.